Alexandria Real Estate Information

Alexandria is literally one of the smallest communities found in the state of Ohio. As of the census conducted in the year two thousand, Alexandria only had eighty five full time residents. All indications are that this figure has not changed substantially in the subsequent decade, meaning that it is almost certain that there are still less than one hundred residents of Alexandria. Alexandria is technically considered a village of the Buckeye State of Ohio, and is situated in Licking County. Alexandria covers a total area of only about one fifth of a square mile, meaning that the community's population density is somewhat higher than the overall population of the village. Alexandria is situated at an altitude of just under one thousand feet, and there are no substantial bodies of water in the village.

Although Native Americans inhabited the area which is now considered Alexandria before the arrival of Caucasian settlers, the first American contact with the region was in the year seventeen ninety nine, when Alexander Parker surveyed the region. Alexander Parker named the land, which was actually owned by his brother. Alexandria was for a time the county seat of Scioto County, although that status changed quickly once the county of Licking was founded. There is not much left of the original community of Alexandria, although there are several historically significant destinations found in the surrounding area. There is even a museum that specifically serves the community of Alexandria, which is not surprisingly known as the Alexandria Museum.

Points of interest in the general area of Alexandria include Fireman's Park, Parker Community Park, the Fritz Drumm Field of Dreams, and the Lobdell Reserve. The educational needs of Alexandria are met primarily by the Northridge Local School District, which encompasses Northridge Primary School, Northridge Intermediate School, Northridge Middle School, and Northridge High School. Attractions in and around Alexandria include the Saint Albans Golf Course, Raccoon International Golf Club, Robbins Hunter Museum, Wildwood Park, and the Granville Golf Academy. Some other parks in the Alexandria region include Foundation Park, a campground at Granville, and the Granville Recreation Community Center.