Cleves Real Estate Information

Cleves is a relatively small community situated in the southwestern portion of the state of Ohio. Cleves has a population of approximately two thousand eight hundred residents, and is technically considered a village of the Buckeye State. Cleves is not expected to have had a substantial population increase in the nine years that have past since the last census was taken, at least based on the demographic statistics of the surrounding communities of Hamilton County. The name of Cleves is taken from one of the original residents and designers of the community, John Cleves Symmes, who was also responsible for selling much of the land of the town. Cleves encompasses a total area of slightly over one and a half square miles, and includes no substantially large bodies of water.

Cleves has a relatively low per capita income, meaning that the largely suburban community is more easily accessible to more interested members of the populace. Like the rest of the state of Ohio and much of the Midwestern area at large, the region which is now considered Cleves was originally inhabited by Native Americans, specifically those who were well known for building elaborate burial mounds to commemorate their deceased. Non-Native Americans first began to arrive in force in the Cleves area around the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, just barely preceding the incorporation of the state of Ohio into the Union.

The educational needs of the village of Cleves are remarkably similar to those of the adjoining village of North Bend, which has a similar size and demographic composition. Both of the communities are served by the Three Rivers School District, which includes the Charles T. Young Elementary School, the Three Rivers Middle School, and Taylor High School. There are also additional and considerably more diverse opportunities available in the nearby large city of Cincinnati. Attractions in the general area of Cleves include River Park, the Westside Sports Park, and Edgewater Motor Sports Park, while other points of interest include the Hillview Golf Course, Miami View Golf Course, and the Three Rivers Swim Club.