Covington Real Estate Information

Covington is a relatively large city situated in the central northern portion of the state of Kentucky. Covington has a population of approximately forty three thousand four hundred residents, making it one of the five most heavily populated cities in the state. Covington serves as one of the two county seats of Kenton County, and is found right across the Ohio River from the Buckeye State. Covington is technically considered a Midwestern city, and is found where the Ohio and Licking Rivers flow together. Covington is located within the metropolitan area of Cincinnati, which is the third-largest city in the state of Ohio and just across the Ohio River from Covington.

Like the rest of the Midwest United States, the area which is now considered Covington was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, especially those known for constructing majestic burial mounds for their deceased. Non-Native Americans first settled the region in the year eighteen fourteen, when three prospective residents purchased about one hundred and fifty acres of land along the Licking and Ohio Rivers. Covington was officially incorporated as a town of the state of Kentucky in the year eighteen fifteen, and takes its name from General Leonard Covington, who was killed during the War of Eighteen Twelve. Covington underwent its first period of rapid expansion in the beginning portion of the nineteenth century, when a number of German immigrants began to settle in the region, and its second during the roaring twenties.

The most recent period of growth that swept through Covington was in the nineteen eighties, although it still remains in some form today. Some notable residents of Covington throughout the years include actors Dunward Kirby, Lee Roy Reams, and Una Merkel, athletes Steve Cauthen and David Justice, and political figures Gary Bauer and Ron Ziegler. The educational needs of Covington are met by a number of public and private institutions, including Covington Latin School, Calvary Christian School, Covington Catholic High School, and Ninth District Elementary School. Notable attractions in and around Covington include the Carnegie Arts Center, golf courses, the Vent Haven Museum, and the Madison Theater.