Fairfield Real Estate Information

Fairfield is a medium sized community situated in the southwestern portion of the state of Ohio. Fairfield has a population of approximately forty two thousand one hundred residents, at least as of when the last census was taken in the year two thousand. Fairfield is located in both Butler County and Hamilton County, and was formerly considered a portion of the adjacent Fairfield Township. Fairfield is currently governed by Mayor Corey Foister and City Manager Damien Strecker. Fairfield is located relatively close to the large urban center of Cincinnati, which ensures that residents of Fairfield can enjoy both the comfort of a moderately sized city and the convenience of a larger population center.

Fairfield encompasses a total area of just over twenty one square miles, including a few small bodies of water. After the original inhabitants of Fairfield, Native Americans, were displaced by an influx of American settlers during the nineteenth century, the stage was set for the full scale settlement of the region. The first non-Native American residents of the Fairfield area was the Groh family, who settled in the region in the year eighteen seventy seven. Fairfield was officially incorporated in the year nineteen fifty four, and experienced its greatest period of population growth during the nineteen seventies. One of the major shopping destinations in the greater Cincinnati area is located in Fairfield, specifically the Forest Fair Mall, which has nearly two million square feet of commercial space.

The educational needs of Fairfield are met primarily by the Fairfield City School District, which includes the Kindergarten Center, Central Elementary, East Elementary, North Elementary, South Elementary, West Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, Freshman, and Senior High Schools. The private institutions, colleges, and universities of Cincinnati are also easily available to residents of Fairfield. Recreational points of interest in and around Fairfield include the Fairfield Golf Club, the Fairfield Bowling Lanes, the Northwest Lanes, and the Walden Ponds Golf Club. Other attractions include the Fairfield City-Marsh Park, a paintball park, and the Butler County Soldiers Monument. Residents who are more interested in urban attractions, larger shopping centers, restaurants, and an exciting nightlife will also enjoy the location of Fairfield.