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Fairview is the name of three communities found in the state of Kentucky, all of which are located in different counties. This particular Fairview is located in the extreme northern portion of the state of Kentucky, and is one of the smallest incorporated communities in the region. Fairview has a population of only one hundred and fifty six residents as of the census taken in the year two thousand. There are no especially strong indications that the population of Fairview has increased substantially in the subsequent nine years, although much of the surrounding region has boomed with the suburbanization of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Fairview has always been somewhat insulated from population booms as a result of its relative isolation and small size.

In contrast to its rather small size, Fairview is located in one of the most heavily populated counties in the northern Kentucky area. Fairview encompasses an area of about two-thirds of a square mile, meaning that the community has a population density of just over two hundred people per square mile. Although Fairview is an extremely small town, it has its own school district, the Fairview Independent School District, which provides a public education for all the children in the district as well as those in a variety of surrounding communities. Fairview also has the advantage of being just a short drive away from the numerous private schools, colleges, and universities in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati, which is the third largest city in Buckeye State.

The area which is now considered Fairview as originally inhabited by Native Americans, especially those who specialized in constructing elaborate burial grounds for their deceased. American settlement of the Fairview area began around the beginning of the nineteenth century, although the specific community of Fairview was never a large population center. Some attractions in the general area of Fairview include the Twin Oaks Golf and Plantation Club and a number of parks and museums. A short drive to the urban center of Cincinnati offers the many urban offerings of the city, including shops, restaurants, and clubs.