Florence Real Estate Information

Florence is a medium sized community situated in the northernmost portion of the state of Kentucky, in an area known as the Bluegrass Region. Florence has a population of approximately twenty three thousand six hundred residents, and is considered a part of Boone County. Florence encompasses an area of just under ten square miles, meaning that Florence has a density of slightly less than two thousand four hundred persons per square mile. Florence is found at an elevation of just over nine hundred feet, putting it in the foothills of Kentucky. Florence is found just across the Ohio River from the large city of Cincinnati, which incidentally is the third largest population center in the Buckeye State.

Florence was originally inhabited by Native Americans, specifically four tribes who left monumentally large burial mounds to perpetuate the memory of their deceased. Non-Native Americans first settled in the region which is now considered Florence in the early nineteenth century. Florence was originally known as Crossroads, a reference to the meeting of a number of major regional roads where the community is currently located. Later, the name was changed to Maddentown and once again to Connersville, before the name Florence was finally settled on in the year eighteen thirty. Florence was officially incorporated in the year eighteen thirty, and experienced a period of growth during the late eighteen thirties and the early eighteen forties.

Educational opportunities in Florence are furnished primarily by the Boone County Schools, which includes the Boone County High School and Burlington Elementary School. Florence, Boone County, and Cincinnati are also home to a number of private institutions, colleges, and universities that offer other avenues for education. Parks in and around the city of Florence include the Boone County Arboretum Central Park, Big Bone Lick State Park, and even a Laser Adventure Center. Other points of interest in and around Florence include the Boone Links Golf Course, the Florence Family Aquatic Center, and the Rosebrook Art Center. A short drive from Florence brings residents of the city to the much larger urban center of Cincinnati, which offers attractions and activities including nightclubs, museums, shopping centers, and restaurants.