Fort Thomas Real Estate Information

Fort Thomas is a medium sized community situated in the extreme northwest portion of the state of Kentucky. Fort Thomas has a population of approximately sixteen thousand five hundred residents, making it about average sized for its suburban surroundings. Fort Thomas is situated in Campbell County, which is one of three counties almost universally recognized as constituting the Northern Kentucky region. Fort Thomas is currently governed by Mayor Sam T. Kremer, and is located along the Ohio River directly bordering the Ohio state border. Fort Thomas has grown substantially as a result of the city of Cincinnati – the third most populous city in the state of Ohio - being located right across the river. Fort Thomas has two important nicknames – The City of Beautiful Homes and Cake Town – of which the former is the official designation and the latter is an informal description.

The area which is now considered Fort Thomas has a somewhat more interesting pre-American history compared to its neighbors. Archaeologists believe that about mid-way through the eighteenth century a massive battle occurred between the Cherokee, Miami, and Shawnee Native Americans for an unknown reason. American settlers began to arrive in what is now considered Fort Thomas around the end of the eighteenth century, and the area obtained a substantial military presence for the next century and a half. The military has had such a substantial influence on the history and formation of Fort Thomas that the community derives its name from General George Henry Thomas.

Educational opportunities in Fort Thomas are offered primarily by the Fort Thomas Independent School District, which maintains Robert D. Johnson Elementary, Ruth Moyer Elementary, Samuel Woodfill Elementary, Highlands Middle, and Highlands High Schools. Fort Thomas is also home to Saint Thomas and Saint Catherine Elementary Schools, while the nearby city of Cincinnati has a number of colleges and universities. Recreational sites in and around Fort Thomas include Tower Park, Riverstar Park, Eden Park, and a number of other facilities. Other points of interest in the general area of Fort Thomas include theaters, shopping centers, the Highland Country Club, and the Pendledon Art Gallery.