Independence Real Estate Information

Independence is a small community situated in the northeastern portion of the state of Ohio. Independence has a population of approximately seven thousand one hundred residents, at least as of the census taken in the year two thousand. If the growth of Independence is consistent with the rest of the Northern Ohio region, then the population of Independence will have grown substantially in the last nine years. Independence is situated in Cuyahoga County, and is quite sparsely populated compared to the rest of the area. Independence encompasses a total of just over nine and a half square miles, and includes no substantially large standing bodies of water. Despite its small size, Independence is located at the largest interchange in the state of Ohio, specifically the meeting of I-480 and I-77.

Independence does not have the largest or most profitable economy in the Buckeye State by any measure of the world, but the presence of a number of high tech buildings in the city have led to its nickname of “Cleveland's Silicon Valley”. The city of Independence is currently governed by a Mayor, Greg Kurtz, and a city council. Independence is located at an elevation of about nine hundred feet, and has a relatively high standard of living. Independence is an interesting conglomerate of suburban residences and computer driven companies, meaning that the poverty levels of the town are quite low. Although Independence was originally inhabited by Native Americans just like the rest of the state of Ohio, the city was officially incorporated in the year eighteen fourteen.

The educational needs of Independence are met by a number of private and public institutions, primarily the Independence School District, which encompasses the Independence Primary School, Independence Middle School, and Independence High School. Points of interest in and around Independence include a number of theaters and shopping centers, while parks include Garfield Park and other facilities maintained by the Independence Department of Parks and Recreation. There are even more things to see and do just a short drive away in the the city of Cleveland, which is one of the largest urban centers in the state of Ohio.