Melbourne Real Estate Information

Melbourne is one of the smaller communities found in the northernmost portion of the state of Kentucky, near the Kentucky-Ohio border. Melbourne has a population of approximately four hundred sixty residents, which is remarkably small for an incorporated community in any state. Melbourne is located along the Ohio River, immediately across from the city of Cincinnati and its accompanying suburban enclaves. Melbourne is situated in the northeastern portion of Campbell County, which is one of the three counties of Kentucky generally recognized to be a part of Northern Kentucky. Melbourne is situated in the Bluegrass Region of the state, and was the filming site for certain portions of the film Rainman. Melbourne encompasses a total area of just under one square mile, with no substantial bodies of water within the city limits.

This means that Melbourne has a population of approximately five hundred people per square mile, relatively low for the region. The area which is now considered Melbourne was originally inhabited by Native Americans who were especially well known for their ability to construct magnificent burial mounds to honor their dead. Like the rest of northern Kentucky, settlers first arrive in the Melbourne region towards the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century. Although the population size of Melbourne is somewhat independent from Cincinnati when compared with adjacent communities, residents of Melbourne still rely heavily on the urban conveniences offered by the city.

The educational needs of Mellbourne and the surrounding regions are met primarily by public and private and public schools in the remainder of Campbell County. These institutions include Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, Saint Philip School, and Anderson High School. The area around and including Melbourne is home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, including Riverstar Park, Stanbery Park, Tower Park, and Woodland Mound Park. Other points of interest in and around Melbourne include Misty Ridge Farm, the Bellevue Social Club, Coldstream Country Club, the Vineyard Golf Course, and the California Golf Course. Urban attractions and activities are also easily accessible to residents of Melbourne with a short drive across the Ohio River to Cincinnati.