Milford Real Estate Information

Milford is a relatively small community situated in the south western portion of the state of Ohio. Milford has a population of approximately six thousand three hundred residents, and straddles the county line between Clermont County and Hamilton County. Milford is located relatively close to the state border between Kentucky and Ohio, as both Hamilton County and Clermont County share a border with the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Milford is situated along the Little Miami River, and was the site of the first safe crossing of that body of water. The name Milford comes from a portmanteau of the terms mill and ford, a reference to the aforementioned aquatic crossing. Milford is currently governed by Mayor David Hunter, and the city is home to the appropriately named Little Miami Bike Trail.

The area which is now considered Milford was originally inhabited by Native Americans, although after thousands of years of dominance over the region, American settlers began to heavily influence the area towards the end of the eighteenth century. The person most directly responsible for the settlement of Milford was John Nancarrow, who surveyed that region as well as Old Milford and Miami Township. Milford was initially slow to develop, but by about the middle of the nineteenth century, the community had reached the form which it is in today. Aside from technological innovations, the only substantive difference between the Miford of the eighteen fifties and today is the status of Milford as a more suburban community, thanks to the nearby major city of Cincinnati.

Residents of Milford have a wide variety of educational options for their children thanks to the nearby city of Cincinnati, with its considerable selection of private schools, colleges, and universities. However, in Milford itself the major educational institutions are Mulberry Elementary School, McCormick Elementary School, Milford Junior High School, and Milford High School. Recreational points of interest in the general vicinity of Milford include Miami Meadows Park, the Expressway Park, and Riverside Ball Park. Other points of interest in and around Milford include the Promont House Museum, the Cincinnati Nature Center, and the Row House Gallery.