Newport Real Estate Information

Newport is a medium sized community situated near the border between Kentucky and Ohio. Newport has a population of approximately seventeen thousand residents, making it somewhat large for the city's predominately suburban surroundings. Newport is situated in Campbell County, and for most of the area's history served as one of the four county seats of Campbell County. Newport is found within the limits of the Greater Cincinnati Area despite the fact that it is a part of Kentucky, not of Ohio, where Cincinnati is the third largest city. Newport is found at the meeting of the Ohio and Licking Rivers, and the Buckeye State is literally right across the river. Newport is almost exactly three square miles in size, including a few small patches of standing and running water.

Newport was originally inhabited by Native American tribes before the arrival of American settlers, and mound-building groups of indigenous peoples were the primary residents for literally thousands of years. Non-Native Americans began to arrive in the year seventeen ninety one, when the Taylor family began to settle what is now considered Newport. Newport was officially incorporated in the year seventeen ninety five as a town, and was re-incorporated as a city in the year eighteen fifty. Although Newport has a history that branded it as a sort of “Sin City” due to the former prevalence of gambling and other forms of vice, the recent development of the city has focused much more heavily on family friendly attractions, especially along the rivers and near the city center.

Newport has its fair share of historic destinations and attractions, including the Newport Aquarium, which opened just over a dozen years ago, the East Row Historic District, which is one of the largest in the entire state of Kentucky, the World Peace Bell, and Saint Paul's Episcopal Church. The educational needs of Newport are met primarily by the Newport Independent School District, which is composed of Newport High School, Newport Middle School, A.D. Owens Elementary School, Mildred Dean Elementary School, and Fourth Street Elementary School. There are also a number of private schools, colleges, and universities found in the surrounding regions.