North Bend Real Estate Information

North Bend is a very small community situated in the extreme southwestern portion of the state of Ohio. North Bend has a population of just over six hundred residents, and is technically considered a village of the Buckeye State. North Bend is situated in Hamilton County, which is one of the counties that directly borders the Bluegrass Region of the state of Kentucky. North Bend made an important contribution to the history of the United States because the community was the birthplace of an American President. President Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, and interestingly enough the community is also home to the burial place of William Henry Harrison, who was also a president and the grandfather of Benjamin Harrison.

Interestingly, North Bend is one of only two communities in the United States that can claim to be the home of two United States Presidents, with the other one being Quincy, Massachusetts. North Bend was originally settled by an individual known as John Cleves Symmes in the year seventeen eighty nine, and was officially incorporated in the year eighteen thirty nine. North Bend takes its name from one of the founding fathers of the community, Dale Bend, and is remarkably close to the state border between Ohio and Indiana. North Bend is also a highly convenient community, since the small village is situated less than fifteen miles away from the large city of Cincinnati, which is the third largest urban center in the entire state of Ohio. The educational needs of the residents of North Bend are met by a wide variety of public and private institutions, primarily the Three Rivers School District, which includes Taylor High School, the Three Rivers Middle School, and Charles T. Young Elementary School. North Bend is also found just a short drive away from the numerous private schools, parochial institutions, colleges, and universities of Cincinnati. There are a number of recreational facilities in and around North Bend, including the Edgewater Motor Sports Park, River Park, Lee Park, and Nelson Sayler Memorial Park. Other attractions in the general area of North End include the Aston Oaks Golf Club, the Miami View Golf Club, and the Hillview Golf Course.