Silver Grove Real Estate Information

Silver Grove is a relatively small community situated in the northernmost portion of the state of Kentucky. Silver Grove has a population of approximately one thousand two hundred residents, and is considered a part of the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Silver Grove is located in Campbell County, which is one of the three counties almost universally considered to constitute the region known as Northern Kentucky. Silver Grove is located along the Ohio River, which means that the Buckeye State of Ohio is found immediately across that expanse of water. Silver Grove has not grown considerably since the year two thousand census was taken, although that trend may change with the continued expansion of the city of Cincinnati.

Silver Grove is a relatively new community for the Northern Kentucky region, where most of the non-Native American towns were founded in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Like the rest of the region, the area which is now considered Silver Grove was originally inhabited by mound-building Native American tribes, but unlike the rest of the Bluegrass Region Silver Grove was founded as a railroad town towards the end of the nineteenth century. Silver Grove was officially incorporated in the year nineteen fifty, and Gerald Losey was the first mayor. Silver Grove is currently governed by Mayor Neal Bedel, and encompasses a total area of just over two square miles.

The educational needs of Silver Grove are met by a number of public and private institutions in the region, primarily by the Silver Grove Independent School District. The nearby major city of Cincinnati, which is the third largest city in the state of Ohio also offers a number of private schools, parochial schools, colleges, and universities, which are easily accessible to residents of Silver Grove. Silver Grove is located close to a variety of recreational and social attractions, including the Town and Country Golf Center, the Duck Creek Country Club, the Misty Ridge Farm, and Pete's Place. Residents of Silver Grove can also make a short drive to Cincinnati, where there are a number of urban destinations that cannot be found in a small city such as Silver Grove.